Project Workflow:


The typical project involves a pre-existing presentation or a presentation in the process of being designed, in which the content is nearing completion. It is then given a visual upgrade throughout and redesigned in 3D, PowerPoint, and/or Prezi.

This entire webpage is an outline of what a typical project workflow entails.



A quote is determined based on the amount of content, density of content, subject matter, and several other factors.


Along with the quote, a small design sample is included to demonstrate the high level of design quality that will be performed.

Choose Presentation Platform

You can choose to have your presentation redesigned in one, two, or all three platforms below. I can help you decide which options work best for you. In the case that two or three options are chosen, a primary platform must be designated. The presentation will be redesigned for the primary platform first.



- Visually the most advanced and impressive
- Designed in a full 3D environment with 3D models
- Rendered at 60fps for very smooth movement


- Final product can't be edited by client
- Certain objects are hard to create and animate in a 3D environment such as 3D characters



- Familiar software for both editing and presenting
- Zoom & morph effects can now make PowerPoint look like Prezi
- Design flexibilty


- Requires a current Office 365 account to edit and present with the latest features (zoom & morph)
- Learning curve for editing a PowerPoint with zoom & morph effects




- Easy zooming & panning capabilities
- Nonlinear navigation
- Online embedding capabilities
- Online viewing capabilities
- Tablet viewing capabilities


- Design limitations, including limited animation capabilities
- Requires a Prezi account to edit
- Learning curve for editing a Prezi presentation

Phone Call

Answer any  questions

Go over Ideas & Design direction

Onward and Upward


50% Deposit


Design begins promptly after the deposit is paid and the contract is signed. To review detailed turn around times, refer to the graphic below.

For this graphic, days refer to business days, which excludes weekends and US federal holidays. For revisions, each "round of revisions" (e.g. V2, V3, V4) consists of the designer working on a round of revisions as well as the client reviewing that round of revisions. The number of "rounds of revisions" that will be undergone can not be predicted ahead of time and varies by client. Based on past projects, the average project lasts a total of 3 weeks and undergoes 2-3 rounds of paid revisions.


This version is a way to narrow down the style, imagery, and flow before redesigning the entire presentation. This will help keep the project moving in the right direction and reduce future revisions. To determine the best branding elements for presentation visuals, a thorough branding analysis will be conducted. This includes going through branding materials, website content, and online social media content.

Examples of what Version Zero may include:
- Overview Idea(s)
- Branding Analysis
- Design of Branded Elements
- Theme Design
- Additional Design Ideas


More feedback now will lead to less revisions in the future. All feedback during this round is part of the project cost so feel free to compile as much feedback and direction as needed. Once the feedback has been received, it will take 4-6 days to complete version one, which will have all content redesigned with all of the feedback in mind.


Version one will have new and upgraded graphics and imagery throughout the presentation. This imagery will be of the highest quality possible while simultaneously optimizing performance. This will be the first complete version with everything redesigned.

In the case that the presentation is being redesigned on multiple platforms (3D, Prezi, and/or PowerPoint), it will first be redesigned on the preferred primary platform. Once revisions have been implemented and a final version has been reached for the primary platform, the content will be redesigned onto subsequent platforms. This will decrease turn around time for the primary platform as well as reduce the amount of revisions for the subsequent platforms.


Revisions can be given over email or phone call. It is completely up to you.

Revisions will be done at $95/hr. During each round of revisions, an estimated range of hours will be given if the revisions are expected to take longer than 3 hours. Any round of revisions taking less than 15 minutes will be rounded up to 15 minutes. All other revision times are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

You can undergo as many rounds of revisions as needed. Each version will be added to the client portal along with all revision requests for that version.

Based on past projects, the average project lasts 3 weeks and undergoes 2-3 rounds of paid revisions. To review detailed turn around times, refer to the graphic above (under "The Journey Begins").